Extended Warranty Work

Extended Warranty Work

If you've purchased a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, or other luxury German automobile, you expect that vehicle to last for a long time. It only makes sense to purchase an extended warranty to go along with it. However, the problems start when something goes wrong – as it inevitably will – and you’re trying to find a shop that will accept your warranty and do the repairs.

Come to European Repairs, Inc. We proudly accept extended warranty work. Whether you just saw the “check engine” light go on and you want the vehicle checked out or you think you’ll need extensive repair work, we’re here to help.

Offering VW & Mercedes repair to help your vehicle last for the long haul

We understand how attached many of our customers are to their vehicles. You've put a lot of time and effort into maintaining this vehicle, and you want it to last. That’s why we make sure to use only OEM parts and fluids for every repair (unless you have something you’d rather we use). By using quality parts and fluids, we can ensure that your vehicle keeps going for all the miles ahead.

The next time your VW, Porsche or smart car needs extended warranty repairs, bring it directly to European Repairs, Inc. Make an appointment today. We’ll soon have your vehicle ready for the road again.

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